NIO/GSMTPO Efforts in Support of TMT Partnership

During the period in which AURA was a partner in the Thirty Meter Telescope Project, it made major contributions to technical development activities which should be key to the successful completion of the Design and Development Phase for TMT. These activities were terminated at the beginning of January, 2007, when AURA completed its withdrawal from TMT, as directed by the NSF.

In addition, NIO had undertaken a program of site-testing, pre-dating its collaboration with TMT, and continued jointly subsequently. In addition, AURA has assisted TMT in the process of obtaining permanent access to potential sites in Chile. These efforts will be continued by GSMTPO until TMT has selected a site and has obtained the necessary legal access to it for construction, at which point it will be on the same footing as GMT in terms of having an identified site on which it can build.

The work packages on behalf of TMT are summarized below. Note that many of these work packages include a significant component financed by TMT partners other than AURA. Periods of performance are indicated by fiscal year.