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Mission Statement

Active ELT Projects

Currently there are three active ELT projects, all established as international partnerships. Two of these have major participation by US institutions: the Giant Magellan Telescope and the Thirty Meter Telescope. Both projects are interested in participation by the federal government on behalf of the US astronomical community. Up-to-date information on both projects, including lists of partners, detailed science cases, and descriptions of the technical concepts, can be found using the links here and those provided on the menu bar on the left. The third international project, the ESO-ELT, is under development by the European Southern Observatory and other European institutions.

The Giant Segmented Mirror Telescope Program Office (GSMTPO) will ensure broad Astronomy Community access to an extremely large telescope (ELT: aperture >20 meters) contemporary in time with ALMA and JWST, by playing a key role in scientific and technical studies leading to the creation of the Giant Segmented Mirror Telescope. GSMTPO will act as the NSF “Program Manager”, advising the NSF regarding scientific and technical progress of active ELT projects. Historical background on GSMTPO and its predecessor, NIO, can be found here.

AURA Perspectives on the GSMT: AURA documents related to GSMT activities are located on the AURA website. The last update is August 5, 2008.

GSMT Program Office Scope of Work

Current Efforts

Recent and on-going efforts in pursuit of these goals comprise: